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8 January
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Actress, Singer, Dancer (i try), Model, Shy, Outgoing, Honest, Sensitive, Gullible, Young, Mature, Understanding, Helpless Romantic, Feminine, Passionate, Welcoming, Smiley, Easily hurt, Tiny.

Performing is not a hobby, its a passion.

I am very indecisive. Im self concious. I dont swear, it just sounds silly and shows lack of vocabulary. I plan on never smoking a cigarette in my lifetime; I find it absolutely horrific (but I wont not be your friend or something rediculous like that. Its just my opinion personally). My Dad passed away in November 2004 from lung cancer. I have 5 siblings. My favorite color is Pink! I have very large, brown eyes.

Cuddling is my favorite thing in the whole world to do.

Singing is a stress reliever. I hate cold weather. I love shopping. The Red Sox are my life (Ortiz xoxoxoxo)! I am often told that I look like "Hermione" or Emma Watson from Harry Potter. Im afraid to get close to people in fear of losing my relationship with them. I was a cheerleader for like.. a day. I've been a gymnast. A sk8tr chic. A prep. A theater kid. A model. And Chelsea Hermann. Who I intend on trying to be for the rest of my life.